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Keith Sier

Founding Partner


Key Projects:

Gloucester Terrace - converting a group of existing terraced house basements into 3no. 3 bedroom basement dwellings.

St Nicholas - New build, 4 classrooms and toilet facilities for disabled pupils as part of 'Schools for the Future' initiative.

Activity Centre - decommissioning of an existing underground car park.


In June 1986 AK Design Partnership was formed between Keith Sier and Mike Allen and in January 2019 after a succession process the management of the Practice was transferred to David Lloyd and Tom Colliss. Both Keith & Mike are still supporting AKDP as Consultants and together are striving to maintain the Practice to a high standard and to assist its ongoing development and growth into the future.

Prior to forming AKDP Keith held a Senior Management position within the National Health Service.

Keith has worked for many construction projects with different client groups and undertaken many different roles for these varied projects. Working alongside other professionals or as an individual appointment. Many repeat commissions from satisfied clients have been obtained over the years.

Keith has diversified his project portfolio during his working life to include newer areas of expertise. Health and Educational refurbishments and New build schools being at the heart of this. Longstanding client relationships has opened up lots of regeneration and refurbishment programmes with many local and national housing authorities. This includes many local councils whom have sought Keith’s expert advice in providing much needed reports and condition surveys being undertaken on their existing housing stock. This has provided a future underpinning of ensuring maintenance targets are meet. This ensures council housing stock is kept up to all current legislation and more importantly a suitable level of accommodation is achieved for the occupying tenants.


T: 020 8596 7070



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